Jane Seymour’s Home Decor Tips

Use personal inspiration to create your most fulfilling space.

“For me, the creative expression of turning one’s house into a home that reflects personal creativity and style is immensely fulfilling. I think of my living space as an ever-changing canvas that provides a colorful backdrop to my family’s daily life.”

An Artist at Heart

“As an artist, I constantly observe the world around me. I take great joy in the interplay between textures, colors, light, patterns and symmetry. Drawing from your personal inspirations will help you to create a living space that you truly enjoy.”


On Custom Framing Your Wall Decor

“As an artist, I have always felt that the frame design truly completes the artwork and enhances the setting for where it is displayed. I am very excited to work with Fotiou Frames to help empower our audience with a better understanding of how to add color and style to their décor through creative and beautiful moulding designs.”

On Floor Coverings

“When I think about choosing a floor covering for any living space—indoors or out—I consider the statement I wish to make and how furniture, spatial layout and functionality all come into play. Every detail, down to the tactile experience of the textile under my feet and the visual impact of color and pattern, are part of what makes home decorating so much fun for me.”

Incorporating Color

“Using color in your home only takes a little confidence and the willingness to experiment. Vivid hues are exhilarating and give a room a festive atmosphere, and just the right floor covering can act as a subtle counterpoint or the perfect accent. I like to complement the use of bright colors with floor coverings constructed of natural fibers that are simple, but add interesting texture and subtle design.”

Personal Inspiration

My designs explore both the subtle and abstract and are taken from my own daily inspirations.”